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Tier 1 EIS

Tier 1 Final EIS

Volume 1

7.19 Summary of Public Health Effects

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This Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (Tier 1 Final EIS) evaluates a variety of resources at a broad level of detail, consistent with what was done for the Tier 1 Draft EIS (see Volume 2, Chapter 2). As such, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) qualitatively evaluated potential public health - related effects that could result from the degradation of the environment that would cause a risk to the health of the public.

Similar to the analysis presented for the Action Alternatives in the Tier 1 Draft EIS, implementation of the Preferred Alternative could result in public health effects. The following effects were identified by the FRA as having the greatest potential risk to public health:

  • Degradation of water quality, including public drinking supplies
  • Disturbance of hazardous waste and contaminated materials
  • Increased or prolonged exposure to noise and vibration
  • Temporary construction related effects on air quality, such as fugitive dust emissions and operation of construction equipment and disruption in traffic during construction

No changes were made to the qualitative discussion of this chapter between the publishing of the Tier 1 Draft and Tier 1 Final EISs. Please refer to Volume 2, Chapter 7.19, for the summary of public health effects.