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Tier 1 EIS

Tier 1 Final EIS

Volume 1

14. List of Preparers

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Federal Railroad Administration

Rebecca Reyes-Alicea, Program Manager FRA
Rebecca Blatnica, Deputy Program Manager Volpe Center
David Valenstein, Senior Advisor FRA
Amishi Castelli, Ph.D., Environmental Lead FRA
Bryan Rodda, Economic Effects FRA
Kyle Gradinger, Alternatives Development. FRA
Catherine Taylor, Travel Demand Forecasting Volpe Center
Meghan Ahearn, Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
David Hyde, Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
Michael Johnsen, Technical Reviewer FRA
Kristin C. Lewis, Ph.D., Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
Travis Mast, Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
Frederick J. Mottley, Technical Reviewer FRA
George Noel, Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
Jennifer Papazian, Technical Reviewer Volpe Center
Sean Peirce, Technical Reviewer. Volpe Center
Devin Rouse, Technical Reviewer FRA
Parsons Brinkerhoff/AECOM Joint Venture
First/Last Name, Registration(s) Joint Venture Affiliation Education Project Role
David Carol Parsons Brinckerhoff J.D., M.A., B.A. Joint Venture Program Manager
Daniel Baer Parsons Brinckerhoff M.A., Doctoral Studies in Planning Alternatives Development
Ruby Siegel AECOM M.C.R.P, A.B. NEPA Document Manager and Compliance
Susan Anderson, AICP AECOM B.S. NEPA Document Manager and Compliance
Pamela M. Lebeaux, Ph.D., AICP Parsons Brinckerhoff Ph.D., Master of City Planning, B.A. Agency and Public Outreach
Michael Babin Parsons Brinckerhoff B.A., Certificate in Editing NEPA Document/Lead Technical Editor
LeAnn Waletzko, AICP AECOM M.C.R.P., B.S. NEPA Document
Selina Zapata Bur, AICP AECOM Master of City Planning, B.A. NEPA Document
Joseph P. Sperrazza, AICP AECOM Master of Urban Planning, B.A. NEPA Document
John (Devin) Gargan AECOM M.C.R.P., B.A. NEPA Document; GIS/Mapping
Stephanie Camay Parsons Brinckerhoff Master of Urban Planning, B.A. NEPA Document
Kevin Maddox Parsons Brinckerhoff M.A., B.A. NEPA Document
Jill Cahoon, GISP AECOM M.A., B.S. GIS/Mapping
Alice Lovegrove Parsons Brinckerhoff M.S., B.E. Air Quality; Energy
Edward Tadross Parsons Brinckerhoff B.A. Air Quality; Energy
Khamini Persaud Parsons Brinckerhoff B.E. Air Quality; Energy
Ricky Jose-Torres AECOM M.S., B.Sc. Climate Change and Adaptation
Faline Schneiderman, RPA HPI M.A., B.A. Cultural Resources and Historic Properties
Erin Knauer Parsons Brinckerhoff B.A. Ecological Resources
Toni Horst AECOM Ph.D., B.A. Economic Effects
Carey Barr, PE AECOM M.S., B.S. Economic Effects
Andrew Komendantov AECOM B.S. Economic Effects
Srividya Santhanam AECOM M.S., B.E. Economic Effects
Brooke Perrigo AECOM M.S., B.S. Agricultural Resources
Brendan McGuinness, Professional Geologist - TN AECOM B.S. Geologic Resources
John Faeth Parsons Brinckerhoff B.S. Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Material
Jody Mack Matrix B.A. Hazardous Waste and Contaminated Material
Ruth Anne Mazur HMMH B.A. Noise and Vibration
Chris Jandoli, AICP Parsons Brinckerhoff M.C.R.P., B.A. Transportation; Safety
Stephanie Jackson, AICP Parsons Brinckerhoff M.A., B.A. Safety
Taryn Murray, CFM Michael Baker International M.S., B.S. Hydrologic Resources
Nando Schmitt AECOM M.U.R.P; B.A GIS and Mapping
Jacek Kleczkowski AECOM B.A. GIS and Mapping
Feng Lu Parsons Brinckerhoff M.S., B.S. GIS and Mapping
Christopher Morris CHA B.A., A.A.S. GIS and Mapping
Danielle Bargovic, GISP CHA B.A. GIS and Mapping