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About the Plan


NEC FUTURE seeks to develop an integrated passenger rail solution for the Northeast that improves mobility, meets current and future transportation needs, and sustains and advances economic growth. Specific, measurable goals and objectives will be developed to address market growth, transportation network capacity, reliability, connectivity, and environmental and economic needs. These objectives will provide the basis for screening and evaluating potential alternatives.

The following preliminary goals and objectives have been identified and will be refined through dialogue with stakeholders, agencies and the public during the project Scoping process:

  • Develop a rail network that is part of a comprehensive, integrated multi-modal transportation solution for the Northeast.
  • Provide passenger rail service that offers:
    • Increased capacity to meet growing demand
    • Competitive travel times
    • High levels of reliability
    • Safe and secure travel
    • Convenient and fare-competitive service
    • A user-friendly system
    • Improved connectivity among rail services and between rail and other modes
  • Create a phased improvement program that reflects financial constraints as well as the challenges of improving the existing corridor while maintaining service.
  • Support the region's sustainable growth by reducing environmental impacts and energy use.
  • Produce a cost-effective investment plan that encourages private sector involvement in future improvements and operations.