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Niantic River Bridge replacement, Connecticut

Many ideas have been proposed for the future of the Northeast Corridor, such as concepts for improved Intercity and commuter rail service, as well as connecting corridors including Southeast HSR, Keystone, Empire Corridor, New Haven-Hartford- Springfield, Knowledge Corridor, Vermonter, and Downeaster. A comprehensive list of previous and ongoing related initiatives, both for the NEC and connecting corridors is presented below.

  • Southeast HSR
  • Federal Railroad Administration's High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program
  • Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Vision and Master Plan
  • Gateway Program
  • Empire Corridor
  • New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Rail Program
  • Knowledge Corridor - Restore Vermonter Project
  • South Station Expansion
  • Susquehanna Bridge Replacement
  • B&P Tunnel
  • BWI Station Improvements
  • Moynihan Station
  • Portal Bridge Capacity Enhancement

In addition, the FRA is working closely with the NEC Infrastructure and Operations Advisory Commission (NEC Commission), which is conducting related work. In January 2013, the Commission released a report, Critical Infrastructure Needs on the Northeast Corridor, accompanied by an interactive map. The NEC Commission also released The Northeast Corridor and the American Economy report in April 2014 and the NEC Five-Year Capital Plan in April 2015.

Coordination is also underway with highway and aviation stakeholders, since each mode is vital to overall mobility in the Northeast. Related efforts include the work of the I-95 Corridor Coalition and the Airport Cooperative Research Program’s study of innovative approaches for addressing aviation capacity.