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About NEC Future

What is a Service Development Plan?

The Service Development Plan (SDP) provides the business case for implementing the selected investment program from the Tier 1 EIS. It summarizes the benefits and costs of implementing the selected alternative, including an analysis of transportation network and economic effects, ridership, and funding and financing opportunities. Most importantly, the SDP provides the platform for implementation of the program by the federal government, states, the NEC Infrastructure and Operations Advisory Commission (NEC Commission), and the NEC railroads.

The SDP for NEC FUTURE will include:

  • the program's rationale (including purpose and need),
  • service/operating plan and a prioritized capital plan,
  • an implementation plan (including project management approach, stakeholder agreements and financial plan), and
  • an assessment of the benefits and costs of implementing the changes.

The following are among the questions to be answered by the SDP:

  • How will the selected investment program support market growth on the NEC?
  • What impacts on other transportation modes will result from implementation of the selected investment program?
  • What are the benefits and costs of implementing the selected investment program?
  • How can the selected investment program best be implemented?