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The Planning Process

What is a Service Development Plan?

The Service Development Plan (SDP) is a detailed plan for proposed rail service on the NEC. It will provide a platform to improve existing rail service (for example, through faster or more frequent service) and/or develop new service to meet the growing travel needs of the public. The SDP defines these improvements and evaluates the operational, network and financial impacts of the proposed changes, with the goal of weighing the benefits and costs of the proposed investment.

The SDP for NEC FUTURE will include:

  • the program's rationale (including purpose and need),
  • service/operating plan and a prioritized capital plan,
  • an implementation plan (including project management approach, stakeholder agreements and financial plan), and
  • an assessment of the benefits and costs of implementing the changes.

The following are among the questions to be answered by the SDP:

  • What types of rail services are required on the NEC to support market growth?
  • What investments in infrastructure would be needed to accommodate new service alternatives?
  • How will alternatives be packaged and implemented over time?