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Welcome to the NEC FUTURE In the News page, where you will find links to articles about NEC FUTURE from newspapers and other media, listed in reverse chronological order.

Date Article Title
01/05/2016 Northeast Corridor Upgrade Could Have Amtrak Trains Barreling Through Long Island
12/15/2015 3 Options Weighed For Train Expansion
12/15/2015 New Haven Hearing Weighs Plans for Big Changes to Northeast Corridor
12/15/2015 FRA Holds Public Hearings on Northeast Rail Corridor Improvements
12/14/2015 Hearing looks at options for Northeast rail service
12/14/2015 Feds Call Connecticut Key Player In Any Northeast Corridor Scheme
12/12/2015 Editorial: Better route for Amtrak
11/28/2015 Bring high-speed rail to New England
11/19/2015 FRA Considers Northeast Rail Corridor Upgrades
11/12/2015 Hartford Could Be Key Player - Or Get Bypassed - In Amtrak Upgrade
11/12/2015 High-speed Amtrak in White Plains and Danbury?
11/12/2015 Transportation funding guide for Northeast beginning to take shape
11/11/2015 FRA releases options to guide future Northeast Corridor Investment
11/11/2015 Officials discuss plans to improve Northeast Corridor rail line
11/10/2015 Federal rail plans run from basic to futuristic
11/10/2015 Feds say at least $65B needed to expand Northeast rail lines
11/10/2015 FRA releases DEIS for NEC investment
11/10/2015 Impact study touts benefits of transforming Northeast Corridor rail line
11/10/2015 Rail officials release Northeast Corridor impact study
11/10/2015 Three new visions for northeast rail
11/10/2015 Fed. Rail Officials Release Draft EIS for Northeast Corridor Upgrade
11/21/2014 Future of Northeast Corridor discussed in Wilmington
11/21/2014 Rail planners outline various remedies for Northeast Corridor
11/17/2014 Future Plans for Train Travel Along Northeast Corridor
11/10/2014 Northeast Corridor options could shift focus from New Haven
11/08/2014 Northeast Corridor planners to outline rail options for the public
11/07/2014 Philadelphia Could Be Getting A New Downtown Train Station
11/06/2014 Proposed Plans To Update Northeast Corridor, Commuter Lines On Display In Newark
11/06/2014 Feds Discuss Faster Trains on Northeast Corridor, Tunnel from Long Island to Connecticut
11/04/2014 220 mph trains? Federal agency seeks input on rail upgrades
06/08/2013 Updating Northeast Corridor will be complex and costly
05/24/2013 Rep. Tim Bishop: Political will, money key obstacles to high-speed rail
05/02/2013 Delmarva route considered for new high-speed rail line
04/30/2013 NJ Transit riders can sound off on Northeast Corridor upgrades
04/30/2013 Train like a plane: It could be the future on the Northeast Corridor
04/25/2013 Transportation planners come to Hamilton, Trenton for public opinion on Northeast Corridor upgrades
04/20/2013 Amtrak Boss Details Northeast Corridor ‘Crisis’
04/19/2013 Amtrak Seeks Funding to Address Northeast Corridor Capacity
04/17/2013 Could new high-speed rail line bypass Baltimore for Annapolis?
from "Fast Lane"
NEC FUTURE makes tracks toward faster rail service
04/07/2013 On the line: High-speed RR options scrutinized
04/06/2013 Plans for Northeast rail corridor to be aired
04/04/2013 The FRA Narrows in on a Vision for the Northeast Corridor
04/03/2013 FRA releases preliminary alternatives to upgrade NEC
04/03/2013 High-Speed Rail Could Come To Northeast Corridor In 2040
04/03/2013 Long Island high-speed rail plan weighed by feds
04/03/2013 Philly to NYC in 40 minutes?
04/03/2013 US Rail Officials Seek Public Guidance on NE Corridor Long-Range Planning
04/02/2013 Federal Officials Say They Will Narrow List Of Rail Options In Next Few Months
04/02/2013 Feds Posit Ambitious Plan for Northeast High Speed Rail
03/31/2013 Federal Agency To Visit New Haven To Discuss Long-Term Rail Plan